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King George Critter Sitters is a petsitting business that serves King George County, Virginia. The owner, Katrina Kurth, has a veterinary technology degree from Michigan State University and more than five years of experience, so there's not a pet that we can't care for.

We are not a boarding facility, rather, pets are cared for in the comfort of the client's home. However, pets will be visited and taken care of 1-3 times per day, so they won't be left having to hold it or go hungry. Sure, you could ask your neighbor or daughter in law to come by and feed them, but can you guarantee that they'll remember?

Another of the many advantages of hiring a professional pet sitter such as King George Critter Sitters is that we are fully licensed and insured, so should anything happen to our property or yours you will not be held responsible and all expenses will be paid.

Silver 2011 Nissan Quest with KG Critter Sitters decals on the rear windows.

When you see this van, you'll know it's us! Be sure to notify your HOA and neighbors that we're supposed to be there, if necessary.

Why Us?

King George Critter Sitters is THE local choice for petsitting in King George County, VA, with reasonable rates, service in your own home, and a personal touch you won't get from a boarding or kennel facility! We are more expensive than most kennels, but your pet won't have to live in a cage.

Your pets will be cared for in your own home, avoiding the anxiety of being boarded in a strange place and exposed to strange animals. They will be walked around the same familiar neighborhood, eat the same food, and have a confident pet professional visit them at least once every day to make sure they are happy and healthy, so there is much less stress for you and your pets.

And finally, animals just seem to love us! Katrina and her son have taken care of playful pitbulls, herded ducks & chickens, petted "grumpy" cats, danced with cockatoos, and made friends with protective smaller dogs. And we love them back, this is more than just a paycheck to us.

Map of King George County, VA.

We serve the entire area shaded in purple.

For prospective clients who are in the county but outside of our service area, our friends at On-Guard Petsitting offer services east of Shiloh, in Westmoreland County, and around Colonial Beach!

Fringe Benefits

  • If your pet has a medical emergency, we'll take them to the vet. Of course you'll pay the vet bills, but the extra time and gas are on us.
  • It's not just "get in, feed, walk, clean, get out." We love animals, so your pets will be given the love and attention we would give our own.
  • If something's amiss, Katrina will tell you. Got poison ivy growing up your garage? Has a groundhog burrowed under your shed? Bugs in your plants? Well, now you know.
  • We do the gross stuff that the neighborhood teenager might avoid. This includes cleaning up messes, litter box scooping, and changing papers in chicken coops.
  • Everything on this list is included in our base price, and as long as your need isn't too weird (they've mostly all been reasonable so far), most special requests are too.

Katrina watering plants.

Some household jobs simply must get done, whether you're there or not.

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