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*To protect identities and privacy, only first names of clients are used, except where a last initial would be absolutely necessary for disambiguation.

*In the case of people living together, we will by default use either the first name of the first person named on the form, or the first name of a listed male member of the household. Nothing is meant by this, we simply believe that the names of multiple people in the same household could be easily identifiable. Clients may specify another name and/or household member if they so choose.

*A perpetual, nonexclusive, and nontransferrable license to post images of pets to is issued to King George Critter Sitters, upon the checking by a client of the relevant boxes on the "Client Agreement & Information" form. However, for any additional uses of said images, such as on our Facebook and Google Places pages, in advertisements, or in a display at a small business fair, clients retain a right to withdraw consent for images of their respective pets.

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