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We accept payment in cash, check, or via PayPal.


Free Initial Consultation

This is when we meet you and your pets. After the paperwork is finalized and signed, we will tour your home and discuss your needs along with instructions in how to care for your pets and your home. This is also when you provide the keys and payment for your service(s). If the key is lost or broken, The Pet Sitter will make an additional copy at True Value from a spare at our expense. Initial payment must be received before services can begin. Check or cash is acceptable. Return clients may be billed at the completion of the service.


  • Standard visit: $25 per visit, +gas if more than a 20 mile round-trip, +vet bills if a medical emergency occurs. A visit is at least half an hour, and includes feeding, cleaning up messes, walking and/or or letting out, and of course love and attention.
  • Distance charge: The total bill for a visit that takes more than a 20 mile round trip will not exceed $35. The distance charge covers fuel (distance) and time, and is incurred when reaching a client requires an unusually high amount of either. Heavy traffic, inclement weather, or other unanticipated circumstances outside of our or your control do not count toward these charges.
  • Special requests: Although we exclusively serve King George County, please call with your special requests and we may be able to accommodate you with an additional mileage charge.

Pet Taxi

  • Drop-off: $10
  • Round trip: $20
  • Local pet supply pick-up & delivery: $15
  • Vet visits: $20 per hour if made separately from the petsitting service. You will only be charged for the time, if any, spent by us at the vet's office if the procedure or checkup requires our constant presence there. Otherwise, the standard charge(s) for a pet taxi round trip will apply.
  • Distance charge: 50¢ per mile when round trip exceeds 20 miles. Like the petsitting distance charge, the total bill will not exceed $35.


  • Simple: $10
  • Complex: $20
  • Distance charge: +gas when round trip exceeds 20 miles. Like the petsitting distance charge, the total bill will not exceed $30.

Basic Grooming

We are not actually qualified or licensed as groomers, so these basic everyday tasks are the most we feel comfortable offering.

  • Easy nail-trimming: $10 per animal.
  • Challenging nail-trimming: $15 per animal.
  • Easy bathing: $10 per animal.
  • Challenging bathing: $15 per animal.
  • Deshedding: $15 per animal. Reduces undercoat shedding to manageable levels with a furminator brush.
  • Administering medication & treating small non-emergency injuries: Free. This is included in the per-visit base price so long as supplies are made available. Medication includes items such as pills or flea treatment, while small injuries include tick removal or small scrapes. Supplies that we are required to purchase, after requesting consent of course, may be charged.

Odd Jobs

  • Small jobs: $10. This would include watering average-sized gardens and houseplants, spraying plants for bugs, or sweeping leaf litter off of the driveway and/or sidewalk.
  • Medium jobs: $15. Mostly small job tasks, but broader in scale, such as watering larger gardens.
  • Large jobs: Negotiable, price depends on the scale of the job. This would include planting and large-scale weeding jobs. We are not licensed professional contractors of any kind.


Extreme Weather

During heatwaves, please contact us if you would like special accomodations to be made for the safety of your pet(s). These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Walking your pet(s), or providing them with other outdoor time, earlier or later in the day than we normally would.
  • Not walking them, but quickly letting them out in the yard for restroom purposes only.
  • Putting them in an easy to clean room, such as one with a single-sheet linoleum floor, and dealing with the mess.**
  • Turning up the AC, if you usually turn it down while you're away from home. If there's a password/code, or other special procedure for operating your thermostat, please tell us.
  • Putting ice in their water.

In the case of especially cold temperatures, please let us know:

  • Whether, how, and for how long outdoor exercise time should be provided.
  • Where the sweaters and blankets you typically use, if any, can be found.
  • Whether, to what setting, and for how long any additional heating pads or space heaters should be turned on.
  • If there will be any unusual behavior that we should know about and account for.

Holiday Fees

A $10 per day (not per visit) additional fee will apply to the following major holidays:

  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day


We keep your keys on file in a secure location, which enables us to assist your pets in case your trip is extended, you are an ongoing regular client, or you have a last-minute request. Keys are labelled with a client's first name for organization purposes, rarely with a last initial should there be more than one client with the same first name. No personally identifiable information is attached to them. Should you permanently cease use of our services, and request that we no longer have access to our copy of your keys, they can be either returned or destroyed, whichever you prefer.

Last-Minute Requests

Our best efforts will be made to accommodate your requests. During our busiest times (holidays), please book at least two weeks in advance if possible.


  • For new clients, payment will be required in advance for all petsitting services.
  • Return clients will be billed at the completion of the service.
  • A $25 fee will be charged for any returned checks.

Security Systems

We are familiar with many types of security systems. Please provide us with a code or other disabling method at the initial consultation.


A $20.00 charge will be applied for cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice.

*Existing clients or will continue to pay whatever their currently agreed-to rate is, regardless of the prices listed on this page, until inflation, gas prices, and/or Cost of Living require otherwise. However, the prices listed on this page may also be subject to future change, as necessitated by the aforementioned external factors.

**This will cost extra, and please let us know where the baby gate is, if you have one and the room lacks a door.

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